Welcome to the Artformz Small Wonderz Project

Nomadic Boutique Art Exhibits

Creating a showcase of the best Small-Format work
by established and emerging artists in your community.

Small Wonderz (art) Salon is one of the newest programs conceived by Artformz/Office for Curatorial Projects. It is a boutique art exhibition of small–format work by renowned local artists. It is characterized by a free flowing, asymmetrical design that responds only to visual and conceptual relationships between individual works. The installation becomes an art work, in and of itself, and one of extraordinary artistic dimension. The exhibition is a cornucopian installation of beautiful, enticing, accessible and affordable artwork, and a document of the amazing quality of artistic practice in our community.

Over the summer of 2010, in response to how difficult the economic climate had become for most working artists, Artformz moved to create a program focused on connecting artwork and artists, with collectors and art enthusiasts, on affordable levels. By motivating artists to create work of uncompromised quality, but in small format, the project's goal was to create a modest additional means of income for many. 65 artists participated, and the outcome was a huge success. Response from press and community was so positive that Artformz has since been invited to present new "Small Wonderz (art) Salon" installations sponsored by Verge Art Fair on Miami Beach, and ArtCenter South Florida for the Wynwood Art Fair and Pulse Fair Miami. Every event becomes another success for everyone involved, adding many new people to our collector's list, from locals, to people in the Northeastern US, Latin America, Europe and even the Princess Aga Khan.

Upcoming Small Wonderz Art Salons plan to engage the public in an even bigger conversation. Each new "Wonderz" exhibit will be a temporary space where people can experience our celebrated local art–scene. They will be nomadic happenings, each with a unique look, designed according to the individual venue's specifications, becoming themselves a site–integrated installation. Our goal is to bring the best art from Miami, and in the future other communities, directly to the people. The exhibits will be filled "salon style" with our signature small–format work, including sculpture, painting, design elements, performance, readings, architecture, film, and multi–sensorial tastings, creating a place to stop, listen, see, connect and exchange.

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